Airport taxi Rimini

Rimini Airport got it from Italian filmmaker and screenwriter Federico Fellini. Thus, its official name is Federico Fellini International Airport (RMI) and its former name is Rimini Miramare Airport. It is one of the airports in Italy, just a few kilometers from Rimini and Miramare. It receives and launches some and mainly seasonal flights, such as Ryanair, Malta Air and Lufthansa.

Located in the province of Rimini, the city of Rimini, with 150,000 inhabitants, is located directly along the Adriatic coast, near San Marino and also not far from Florence and Bologna.

There are plenty of sights in the city. For the Italians, museums, theaters, arts and buildings are also extremely important, and Rimini abounds in them. Its main museum is the Museo della Città, which serves several departments for those interested in archeology, as well as the Fisherman’s and Maritime Museum and the Fellini Museum, as it is no coincidence that the airport and a museum bear the director’s name. Federico Fellini is a native of the city. Other museums include the Shell Museum, the Aviation Museum and the Motorcycle Museum.

In 1617, one of Europe’s early Libraries, the Gambalunghiana Library, opened its doors to Alessandro Gambalunga.

Theatrical life has always been bustling in Rimini, with an active theatrical life since 1681. The Vittorio Emanuele Theater was built in the 1800s and bears the name of Giuseppe Verdi. This theater was later renamed Teatro Amintore Galli.

There are also many churches and buildings walking through the streets of Rimini. For example, the Gothic-style Tempio Malatestiano or the Church of Sant’Agostino, built in the 13th century. Palazzo dell’Arengo has been the seat of the judiciary and civil administration since the 14th century.

The Arch of Augustus, in particular, takes you back to ancient Italy, as this arch i. e. It was built in 27, stands to this day, and has only one gate, which is nine feet high.

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