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Located on the Swiss, German and French borders, Basel offers a multitude of sights, and especially in summer it has a fantastic ambiance for the dimbes-hilly old town, with colorful houses, the river, and the sparkling, outback restaurants. It’s worth spending a day or two here. In the heart of Europe, it has always played a strategic role, its airports, ports, railways link the region with the continent and the whole world. This connection with many threads has had a strong influence on the development of the city, today Basel is a cosmopolitan, international, open and accepting metropolis.

Its view is determined by the Rhine, on whose banks a pleasant promenade leads, and in summer the river functions as the beach of the city.

The traces of the 2000 year old town of 200,000 inhabitants are found everywhere in the city. The high number of museums also points to Basel’s priorities, more than 30 of them in the city, including many world-class.

Walking through the medieval streets of the old town on the left bank of the river, you can enjoy the historic atmosphere, but Basel can be proud of its many modern buildings, designed by world-famous architects.

The Rhine divides the city into two parts, on the south-western coast of Grossbasel, a cultural and commercial center that encloses the Old Town with its quiet streets, exciting antique shops and charming little bistros. The Kleinbasel, located on the north-east coast of the opposite bank, houses chain stores, hotels, congress centers. Basel to explore the best on foot or tram that will take you to all important sights.

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Basel’s other major attractions are geographically located: the city lies on the Swiss-German-French triple border, so on a Basel travel you can visit three countries at one time. 60 km from Freiburg, the capital of the Black Forest.

If you look at the sights of the city, nature lovers will definitely be worth the Baselland southeast of Basel, where you can hike in the untouched Jura mountains.

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