Most visitors arrive in the fantastic medieval city of Belgium for a few hours, while it is worth spending a little more time on the idyllic canals, perfect streets, chocolate bars and cozy restaurants.

In Bruges’ large old town, time travel begins right away. The city center was almost entirely from the Middle Ages. Dachshund cobblestone streets, wide canals, crumbling church towers, renaissance palaces, lacy roofed houses, we have the feeling of walking in the costumes of a costume film. Of course, we are not alone with this, as Bruges is visited by many people throughout the year, the city being one of the first in the 19th century to be a favorite destination for wealthy English and French citizens.

Horse-riding carriages, echoing chimes on the cobblestones complete the medieval atmosphere. The mysterious medieval atmosphere of Bruges, which is further enhanced by evening light (candles, torches, candelabra), blends with a romantic feeling, and with its special atmosphere, the visitor will take you in minutes.

The cozy streets and canals and the graceful old buildings offer a perfect and romantic background for a special weekend.

Top sights Our Lady Church, where you can see the statue of Madonna of Michelangelo, the only statue that left Italy in the master’s life; on display. Beguin Houses, Nunnery Garden Garden, Water Circle, Founded in 1245, Chocolate Museum, Chocolate History Show on three floors with a small tasting at the end of Belfry Tower, 366 stairs with beautiful views of the city if you are lucky, even in the North we can also go to the sea. The Castle and Hotel de Ville (Town Hall). St. John’s Hospital, one of the oldest (12th century) hospitals still operating today. Fish market, old market with stone counters from Tuesday to Saturday every morning. You can choose from the finest seafood gadgets.

The first time to explore the city on foot is to take the map with you, because it is not easy to follow where you are going in the cramped streets, small passages and cozy little squares. Of course, getting lost here is good, but you won’t be able to find all the attractions you need. If we have already walked enough, we can go on a boat trip to the city. By navigating through the canal system through the city, we can easily understand why Bruges is also called Northern Venice.

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