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Graz old, strong, impenetrable castle on the Mura River and the steep, steep Schlossberg forest stood above the Old Town.

Nowadays, Schlossberg offers one of the city’s most popular hiking trails with seafront flowers and unparalleled views of the city’s rooftops. Graz is a symbol of a typical tower (Uhrturm) from the whole city.

Graz is the second largest city in Austria with 290,000 inhabitants. In this beautiful city you can find the wonders of today’s modern age and historic architecture.

The history of Graz goes back to the Celts. The first written mention of the city was made in 1129. Steyr’s old center was Gradec and the name of the whole province for this family.
In 1276 it came to the hands of the Habsburgs, surrounded by a strong protective wall. Later the famous family directed the southern part of the empire.

Schlossberg can also be reached on the 260-degree Schlossberg stairs while enjoying the view. If you do not want to walk, you can reach the Schlossberg by the mountain rail or the cable car. Since 1894, the shuttle has been supplying its passengers on the steep hillside, which was rebuilt in 2004.

The 28-meter-high clock tower (Uhrturm), originally the medieval bastion today, was reached in 1559-69. The watch clock of the city was clocked in 1712 by a clockmaster in Funk, now an electronically controlled clock shows time. There are three bells in the tower, clock bell, soul bell and firefighter. The tower is covered with a high roof and a wooden gallery surrounds the dial. Three stone carvings decorate the building, the eagle and the Styrian panther in the 16th century. From the 18th century, Mária Terézia’s coat of arms with the two-headed sass. century.

The 34 m Glockenturm (Bell Tower) was built in 1588 as a tower of the Holy Thomas Temple, which was demolished in 1810. Here is the biggest bell from Graz, the 80-mile Liesl. The cogwheel point comes to the bell tower from the city, from the Clock Tower a beautiful horse chestnut tree leads to the bell tower. In addition to Glockenturm, as part of the old fortress, there is a free space bar in the dungeons during the summer season.

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