Airport taxi Mallorca

Mallorca is the jewel of the Mediterranean, its scenic surroundings, the crystal clear waters surrounding the island, the turquoise sea, the white sandy beaches, the small villages with magical atmosphere and the charm of monasteries captivate the visitors.

Everyone on the island is guaranteed to find the most entertaining, appropriate recreational opportunities for water sports and sunshine lovers, as well as for the sparkling nightlife. In addition to the natural beauty of the island and its diverse program options, it is extremely rich in cultural heritage. Its color is enriched by the specialties of Spanish gastronomy, the unique flavors of which also make the memories of the fabulous holiday here unforgettable.

Mallorca is a very popular destination, with a growing number of tourists visiting this year: more than 10 million tourists come to the island each year. Due to the favorable climatic conditions of the island, it can be a popular resort every year, whether it be a spring-autumn trip or a holiday, a longer vacation.

Over the past centuries, many famous people have turned around in this area, and Mallorca has been a popular resort for some famous people like Frederic Chopin composer and pianist, Queen Sissi or Robert Graves poet. The popularity of the island has not diminished since then, and its earnings are still enormous today, with regular visitors from kings, movie stars and celebrities.

The beauty of the island is all to explore, its picturesque villages, romantic spaces of the old town of Palma, and the whole stream of old monasteries. The dramatic steep cliffs of the northern part of the island, with its sandy coasts stretching for several kilometers along the southern coast, show Mallorca’s diversity, surrounded by the infinite turquoise sea.

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