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Pisa is a big city in Tuscany. With 88,000 inhabitants, similar to the cities of Arezzo, Livorno and Pistoia. The Arno River is a two-way choice, just like Florence. Its medieval buildings are very beautiful, but famous in the world for its leaning tower.

Those who come to the city are most likely looking for the leaning tower. The tower was originally built as the bell tower of the cathedral. Construction began in 1173, but the soil began to sink at that time.

The building was successfully rescued in 2001 from further skewing and a possible disaster so that you can climb to the top and admire the amazing panorama from there.


One of the most beautiful regions of Italy is the capital of Tuscany, Florence. Located on the two banks of the Arno River in its beautiful valley, the city has a very long history, the “Renaissance cradle”, the citadel of art and architecture. For a long time he was under the control of the Medici family in Florence.

Florence’s sights include countless artistic and historical monuments, and the city center was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982.

Built in 1345, Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) is one of the most famous bridges in the world, one of Florence’s most popular attractions.

The Pitti Palace was built near Ponte Vecchio in 1458 and was bought in 1549 by the Medici family.

The building was expanded, which subsequently became the residence of the Grand Dukes, including the II. Viktor Emanuele and Napoleon also used it. The palace is beautifully restored and elegantly preserved to this day. Italy is a popular destination for many holidays and holidays.

They visit here a lot and discover the Italian landscapes with thousands of years of history.

Many of the most famous cities are visited, Rome and Naples, Venice and Milan, Siena and Bologna are very popular destinations and Florence is also on the list. No wonder, as Florence is also rich in sights.

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