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Bristol Airport (BRS) is one of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom. The airport is located 13 kilometers southwest of the city center and serves Gloucestershire, Somerset and West Wiltshire air traffic. Bristol Airport is the base of airlines such as Easy Jet, Ryanair, and BMI Regional, with air links to a large number of European airports. Bristol South West is the largest settlement in England, one of the most vibrant, most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. The dirty, smoky industrial city over the past decade has undergone enormous changes. Bristol, once known for its shipbuilding and railroads, occupied its deserved place in cultural and gastronomic life and found itself in the economic circulation of England. Its old docks have come to life in the form of cultural institutions, designer bars, trendy restaurants, world-class museums and a sparkling nightlife suggest that the city has entered a new door of the future. Anyone who wants to see where England is going today is the best way to go to Bristol. It is also worthwhile to use the city as a stellar center because the surrounding countryside has many beautiful sights for us.


The town of Bath is 20 km east of Bristol, east of the city: there are more than 5,000 protected buildings in this city. Bath located in the south-western part of England, it is not far from Bristol.

One of the most beautiful English towns on the River Avon was built on the only natural hot water source of the island. It has been waiting for travelers, holiday makers and healers for more than 2,000 years. Weather due to its moderate climate and the Golf Flux is drier and warmer than the rest of the UK.

Bath, part of the World Heritage Site, is so spectacular that many believe it is worth visiting England’s most beautiful little town.

The city is architecturally extremely uniform and impressive, the Roman bath, the majestic abbey and the Georgian buildings make it one of the most elegant settlements in Europe.

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