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Antwerp has plenty of sights for tourists, with its old buildings, squares, temples and museums around its narrow streets, everyone who finds it interesting.

The second largest port city in Europe is just 42 km from Brussels, both of which has an important role both economically and culturally in Belgium. If the water is touched by us, we are lucky because we can choose from a variety of boat trips from 50 minutes up to 3 hours. Right next to the harbor, in Burg Steen, you can find the Shipping Museum, and just a few steps away from the main square of the city, the Grote Markt.

Buildings found here are similarly established by guilds and traders alike in Brussels, as proof of the fact that some of the buildings can also be used to reveal the guards of guilds. The figure in the middle of the main square is Druon Antigonus, the giant giant, who is also the name of the city. According to the legend, the sailors who did not pay the tax have ripped their arms and thrown them into the river, which makes Flemish the way: hand werpen – to fold. You should not miss the list of the highest Gothic church in Belgium: Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedral. The tower is 112 meters high, and it looks great on the way of the Gothic Renaissance style, thanks to the overdue construction of three centuries. If you are in Antwerp, do not miss the Diamond Museum or the MOMU Fashion Museum.

Notable is Place de Meir Square, which is also the center of business. Here, for example, you will find the Royal Palace and the new town hall, close to the buffalo. In Antwerp, one of the oldest renaissance buildings in the Netherlands is the Stadhuist, which is decorated with several marbles, the Town Hall, a classic Renaissance-style building dating from 1561 to 1565, called Cornelis de Vriendt.

The town is located on the right bank of the Schelde River, so you can walk through the Westerschelden to the North Sea. Its seaport is one of the world’s largest, and the second largest in Europe (only ahead of Rotterdam). Its turnover for freight and oil refining is enormous.

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