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Dortmund is the largest city in Westphalia, in the eastern part of the Ruhr region. Germany’s coal and steel industry has long been the director of embankment, heritage of excellent museums and sights to discover. Despite the fact that Dortmund is an industrial city with a large green area of ​​tourists, more than half of the city is covered with woodland, landscaped, and a separate experience for exploring Dortmund.

The locals are thinking, it’s no coincidence that the cities of Germany here are the number of cyclists or pedestrians. Dortmund’s passion for football, his cutting-edge team is one of the best in Europe.

Dortmund’s old town center is an old Market Square, a blocked area of ​​cars, whose roots go back to the 12th century. At that time, the town’s merchants and industrialists offered their goods here, and beyond the markets, community life took place. This is what the Marketplace writes today, as it is always busy at any time of the day, in several shops of the dealer, several restaurants and cafes in the square. One of the most beautiful monuments is the fountain, the town hall building, the artworks, the Neo-Renaissance-style building, which was registered in 1901 and which has been the jewel of the Marketplace since 1899. The eagle on his facade symbolizes Dortmund itself.

The city’s special attractions include glass paintings and organs of St. Reinold’s Church; the Church of Mary with the Gothic Choir; the temple of Peter with the late Gothic altar. Its former fortifications are occupied by plantations and walkways (Westwall, Hoher Wall, Südwall, Schwanenwall, etc.). Dortmund Airport is 10 km from the city, and the nearest large international airport, Düsseldorf, is 70 km away.

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