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The capital of Lower Saxony between the Leine River and the Mittelland canal, is the commercial, industrial, educational, transport, IT and administrative center of Lower Saxony, which has been hosted by the world-famous venues dating back to the Middle Ages identified.

Hanover entered the Alliance of Hanza Cities in the 14th century, and was considered the capital of the electorate in the 14th century. It was interrupted though in the 17th and 19th centuries it was the seat of the Kingdom of Hannover.

Discovering the city takes only 2-3 hours if we follow the walking paths indicated by city maps and we follow the so-called Red Line. Walking from the Kröpcke Center to the center of the old town, where we have become enthusiastic in the old town hall, we can get to know one of the odd masterpieces of Northern German brick broth. The carved altar, sanctuary, baptismal paths and mosaic windows of the 14th century marketplace have an impressive impact on tourists.

Walking through the sparkling streets of the Old Town you will not only see historic monuments, but also cozy pubs and bars, you can often walk to performances by street artists, which also contribute to our pleasant relaxation. The town wall tower and Beginenturm provide the medieval mood.

In addition to the fact that the city is still a commercial center, from the point of view of the scientific and cultural life, there is the birthplace of the explorer of the Jupiter planet Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel, a mathematician of Ferdinand von Lindemann, and philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.

Visitors to the culture should visit the Leibniz House, which commemorates the outstanding scientific work of the great scientist. It is also worth a visit to the German Museum of Caricature and Critical Graphics in the György Garden of 200 years old and the Wilhelm Busch Museum, which has been re-established since 2000, located on the upper floor of the building. Shopping enthusiasts can enjoy their passion at the Ernst-August-Galerie building, where more than 150 shops and boutiques are available.

For lovers of sports, it is worth taking the lake of Maschsee, just 1.5 km away from Hannover, where you can go all kinds of water sports.

The Great Garden in Herrenhausen, one of Europe’s most remarkable Baroque gardens, is one of the few baroque parks that remained in their original state until today. This is a magnet for attracting tourists from all over the world.

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