Villajoyosa’s name means ‘the joyful town’. Which is no surprise considering the brightly colored tiny houses that cover the seafront and the handcrafted chocolate, the town is famous for.

Villajoyosa is located 26 kilometers away from Alicante. This old historic town stretches alongside a wide sandy beach that ends in a small harbor. The colorful little houses on the shore originally helped the town’s fisherman to find their way home after their daily hunt. Villajoyosa has a number of interesting buildings from its historic past. The roman bridges, the delightful gothic church whose elaborate doorways provide an entrance to the old walled town centre and a 16th century watch tower that gave warning against the raids of the Berber Pirates are all adventurous sights for those who arrive with their families. One shouldn’t miss a visit to the old centre of the town with its bustling market; many of its stalls selling the daily catch, locally made artifacts, and handcrafted chocolate! Villajoyosa is famous for its chocolate. We recommend visiting the Chocolate Museum and tasting the samples yourselves!

The combination of quaint old buildings with multi-coloured facades, narrow streets, and the scenic location all make Villajoyosa a sure bet for an enjoyable trip. Visit the joyful town with Suntransfers. You can find great deals all in one place, so by the time you arrive, all you have to do is to plan your adventures.

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