Preveli is located on the south coast of the Greek island of Crete, in the regional unit of Rethymno, and is particularly notable for its historic monastery.

The Preveli beach and lagoon, also known as Palm Beach because of its palm grove, are located under the monastery, at the mouth of the Kourtaliótiko Strait. Behind the beach is an extensive forest of palm trees, known as the Palm Island. The beach is regularly visited by tourist boats that take and bring tourists from the nearby resort of Plakias.

There is a magnificent panoramic view of the Libyan Sea, from here you can enjoy a beautiful view of Preveli beach, which appears bay-like.

There are two parts of the aforementioned monastery, which look back on centuries of history. Not far from here is a World War memorial.

There are many other attractions on the island of Crete. From Preveli beach, you can visit places such as the Aradaina Gorge, the ruins of Phaistos and Gortys or the fortress of Frangokastello. But there are also many other interesting places to visit on the island.

So if you are in the eastern part of the island of Crete, Preveli beach is definitely worth a visit.

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